It is the Natural You which is the marvellous
My name is Oskar and I am here as A Guide By Your Side in service to the Natural You.
Oskar Urbanski
A Guide By Your Side
Hi, welcome. Who I am has been synthesized into form from three decades of struggles, experiences, explorations and discovery.

This journey has been along many thoroughfares, as well as where most have not ventured , leading to today... coming to a place, where it is now time to share and be in authentic service to us, you and me.

In a nutshell, what can be said first is that our truth has most likely been side stepped, and next, is that our untapped natural true nature patiently just waits for us to be ready and open to both unhook from many narrative(s) imposed onto us, and the other is to upgrade the narrative(s) we have been holding onto so dear.

I am here to be " A Guide By Your Side" journeying along side you for you to discover a Natural You.

By embracing your Stories (struggles & successes), Experiences, Explorations and Discovery ... your SEED will sprout and will bear fruit to the Natural You.

Below you see my commitment to us.
My Commitment To Us
I intend to keep my heart and mind as open as possible. I wish to grow and learn from all my interactions, even uncomfortable or challenging ones.

Frequency and Tone
I make every effort to share with others in a respectful and empathic manner. I acknowledge when my own world-view is temporarily influenced by fear or self-limiting thoughts.

Respectful Feedback
I communicate with others in a way that I myself would wish for. I am willing to listen to constructive feedback and work with it.

I am fully committed to becoming aware of and working with my own shadow material. I recognise that every relational issue I face has a secret higher purpose and holds some deep and valuable lesson for me.

I am committed to the expansion of human consciousness and my own personal growth. I work to recognise and change the limiting attitudes and behaviours that I’ve learned over time. I reach out for help when I need it.

Orientation and Synchronicity
When I have a need to share something with someone, I take responsibility for choosing the right environment and timing for the communication. I trust in the greater good that will come from this sensitive approach.

Peace and Conflict
I understand that disagreements are stepping stones towards a healthy evolving community. I make every effort to resolve conflicts when they arise. When I’m not able to do this on my own, I reach out for support, facilitation or mediation.

Intimacy and Gentleness
I commit to the great task of returning non-love with love. I work alongside others to co-create a feeling of deep safety that allows for all feelings to be felt and embraced.

I hold myself and others accountable to the agreements we make, and when there has been confusion, I engage in communications of common understanding that increase clarity and a shared sense of purpose for all involved.

Repair and Patience
I acknowledge when my words or actions have hurt others, I offer heartfelt apologies when appropriate. I trust in the natural process of healing and reconciliation, without placing any expectations on others.

Complimentary Discovery Call
You are invited to a complimentary 30 min discover call with me
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